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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Blogging: Music and blogs

When cruising the blogworld late at night, make sure your speakers are turned off. Unexpected, loud music from a random blog sidebar will make you jump out of your seat and disturb your sleeping family. Just so you know...

One of my biggest pet peeves about blogging is music that plays when you visit a blog. It's always unexpected and it's very often loud. It's never something I want to hear and I have to hunt to find it and turn it off or fumble with my headphones or speaker. If that hunt takes longer than about 10 seconds, I will probably leave your blog without reading or commenting.

I've also noticed that there are lots of ads that play music as well. It's just as jarring and unexpected.

If you do have music on your blog, why? What is your reason?

If you don't have music on your blog, do you love it or hate it when you visit a blog that does?


  1. I hate it. I hate stuff that moves, stuff that makes noise, stuff that blinks.....and the more of it you have the more likely I am to leave, fast. We recently upgraded our internet so it isn't quite as big a deal but when your (generic, not yours Holly) blog does load quickly because of that junk, or locks up my computer, you can be sure I won't be back.

    1. I'm with you. I have a couple of ads that blink, but I hate the ones that are all over the place and have pop-ups or have music that you have to search to turn off. The music thing really drives me crazy.

  2. I hate the music too. It is so jarring. I rarely go back to sites that have it either.