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About Me

I'm a tired mom who loves to cook. This is where I share the recipes I make regularly and the new ones I try. I sometimes share thoughts or funnies. I participate in some link parties.

I'm not a professional cook. I'm a work in progress. My photos can sometimes use work and I tend to retake them. I don't know a million fancy techniques and I'm not on any notable person's radar. I just like to cook and find new recipes. It's fun to share and I've made some friends. If this is your first visit here, please come back soon!

A northern California girl living in Idaho. Married to The Doctor. Mother to The Boy and The Artist (Goji).

Questions, comments and suggestions can be emailed to me at je2kids(at)gmail(dot)com

In the interest of full disclosure, this blog does contain affiliate links.  If you click on an ad and buy something from one of these links, I make a few cents here and there. It's not much, but it is appreciated!