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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Weekend Reflections 1/3

Looking outside....it's cold, but sunny. It's been in the teens or lower all week.

Listening...to blissful silence.

Loving...a warm home, a fireplace and people to share it with.

Thinking...that 2015 is building on 2014. I'm emotionally and physically spent and the year has barely begun. 

In my kitchen...a cup of hot chocolate. Always. Today, I am enjoying Boudin sourdough toast with it though. It's a treat. We can't get good sourdough in Idaho, we must ship it in from San Francisco. My sister did just that last week. 

Wearing...red penguin pajamas and a black turtleneck, because that is my standard winter lounge wear. Today my fuzzy socks are blue though...

Needing...motivation and hope.

Reading...I finished Love Unexpected by Jody Hedlund. Not sure what to start next.

Today...some canceled plans. Probably some errands. 

Hoping...for a miracle. Our 16 year old van is dead and we need to find a means of replacing it. 

Planning...school starts next week and it's The Brother's birthday as well. 

Gratitude...it's so hard to find things to be grateful for in the midst of trial and adversity, isn't it? But, that's when it's even more important to express gratitude. So today, I'm grateful for my family. Because without them, I would have nothing. 

From my world... 

I love Christmas cards. They're a wonderful affirmation that someone is thinking of you. Today that is very comforting to me.

What about you? What are you reflecting on this week? How has your week gone?

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  1. Aw shucks about your van. I hope you get your miracle.