Mashed Potatoes

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Heat a pot of water until it's boiling.
Peel and chop however many potatoes you need.
Add them to the already boiling water.
Cook until the potatoes are done...15 minutes maybe?
Drain the potatoes.
Return the potatoes to the pot and place back on the burner. Stir the potatoes for a minute or until all remaining water is gone. I like to add minced garlic at this point.
Heat a good-sized chunk of butter (not margarine, because margarine is yucky) and a splash of real whipping cream (not milk, not water, not half and half: real whipping cream, preferably heavy whipping cream) together until the cream is warm and the butter melted.
Add the butter/cream mixture to the potatoes and mash it all together with a potato masher.
Season with Pepper.  Pepper is important.

Place it in a bowl, and serve. Preferably with a yummy gravy.

Holly's Note:
By adding the potatoes to the already boiling water, they absorb less water. By returning them to the hot pot after draining, you heat away any remaining water. Trust me when I tell you that this makes a big difference in taste and texture. When you heat the butter and cream before adding it to the potatoes, you don't cool them down and again, trust me when I tell you that it makes a difference. The cream alone makes a much better, much creamier mashed potato.

I like to add minced garlic after I've drained the water and put it back on the burner. 1-2 cloves, depending on your taste.  

My son calls them the best mashed potatoes in the world.


  1. Oh, great idea. I never thought to boil water first then add potatoes. Does it cut down on cooking time? Butter - I need to buy that. I know it makes a difference in some cookies I make, gotta try it in mashed potatoes. Here is another difference my daughter and I notice - mashed potatoes at the lake taste so much better than at home. The only difference in how I make them is the water they are boiled in. At the lake it is well water and at home its city water. I am not a huge fan of mashed potatoes but at the lake I could eat them every day.

  2. I tried the boil water first idea. It cuts down on cooking time dramatically which is awesome because doing it the other way takes soooooo long.


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