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Monday, October 12, 2009

Favorites: Church & Community Cookbooks

Raise your hand if you love church or community cookbooks? You know, the ones that your mom has had for ages and ages. Some families put together their own as well.

Some of my favorite memories are thumbing through my mom's old cookbooks. She had several that were done by church ladies and it was fun to see my Grandma's name in there and lots of women I knew as I was growing up.

While I haven't managed to get her to give me any of those old cookbooks, I have managed to acquire a few of my own. Check out the tags on the side.

I'm even in one of them!

I love these kinds of cookbooks. Two of the books I have, give little tidbits about the women who contributed recipes: favorite songs or scriptures, favorite flowers or colors, tips and tidbits and hints. These are tried and true, good homestyle recipes that you know work. Notice the water stains and my own note.

What about you? Do you like church/community/family cookbooks? How many do you have?


  1. I LOVE those cookbooks. They are the best tried and true recipes with ingredients that real people use! I only have a few (and one that I put together that I always use), but have had more in the past, copied which recipes I liked and passed the cookbook on to someone else.

  2. I only have one church cookbook, but I'm still young :) I have a lot of recipes from my mom that have come from other church/family cookbooks though! Definitely some of the best :)

  3. Hi! I'm one of your friends on Tasty Kitchen.

    I love church cookbooks! My mother and I collect them. I only have about 20, but my mom has two shelves in her pantry closet dedicated to them.

    I'm trying to get the singles in my ward to make a cookbook. I'm going to make it and I think I've decided to call it: "This Ain't Your Mother's Ward Cookbook"

  4. My first cookbook was a church cookbook! Good ol' Lutherans. I have probably half a dozen community or church cookbooks now, including one from my hometown and one from 1923 from the town where my mother (many years later) graduated high school. I found it at a flea market for $10 and had to have it.

  5. These are the BEST kinds of cookbooks. I have several myself. I like them because the cooking is simple and very much homestyle. You can't go wrong using cookbooks like this.