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Friday, January 15, 2010

Strictly Sundays...Review

About the book:
Joe Fitzpatrick's been working wonders in the kitchen and on the grill for decades. Now you, oh lucky one, can share his secret powers and wow friends and family alike. Serve real food that fills the belly, satisfies the soul, and wins the day. Not just Sundays.

I prepare dinner and my family sits down together nearly every night of the week to eat together. Even so, Sunday dinner is often a bit more special and something I like to spend more time preparing. Strictly Sundays is a beautiful little cookbook with just that premise. Many of the recipes aren't simple: they take some work and preparation, but the end result is a dish your family can enjoy together on a day that is just a little more special.

For those who don't cook with alcohol, be aware that many of these recipes call for wine, so you will want to find substitutes. For inexperienced cooks, many of these recipes could also be a little intimidating at first. However, nothing is out of reach or experience.

The book doesn't include any bread or dessert dishes. I also wish, just like I do with most cookbooks, that there was a photo for every recipe and that the binding was spiral so that it would lay flat. The photography, however, is gorgeous and perfect for a book that is more gourmet than ordinary.

Thanks to Bostick Communications for the opportunity to review this book. You can learn more about Joe Fitzpatrick here.  You can purchase your own copy here.

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4/5 Stars

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  1. Hello! My name is Paige, and I just discovered your blog. I can't wait to try some of your recipes-they look so yummy! :) I also have a cooking blog (although not near as great as yours but I'm trying). Hope you will stop by some time and take a look. Hope you have a great day! :)