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Friday, November 5, 2010


I am an apron girl.  I put on an apron almost as soon as I am dressed.  I wear it all day long and I often forget to take it off.  I can't tell you how many times I get into the car to go somewhere, only to have one of my boys remind me that I still have an apron on!

Some will call aprons old-fashioned.  That is just fine with me.  Aprons protect my clothes and I love the pocket that lets me put things into it as I go through the house and find stuff that needs to be tossed or put away.

I don't like half-aprons.  They're a waste.  I need full aprons that cover my front and protect me from stains.

Last Christmas, my mom made me an apron for every holiday. I have Valentines Day, St. Patrick's Day and Easter.  I have 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I even have one for birthdays and back to school.  The back to school one has little owls and rulers and school supplies on it!  Mom even made me two kid-sized aprons that my boys wear when they help in the kitchen.

I have one for BSU and one that is grapes.  I grew up in an area of California where grapes and vineyards are plentiful and beautiful.  Grapes always remind me of my hometown.

I've collected other aprons over the years, including this one I purchased in a market in Florence, Italy and the chocolate one I got from The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory store a gazillion years ago.

Many are stained, but all get used regularly whether I'm working in the kitchen or somewhere else around my home.  They hang in my pantry for easy accessibility!

What about you?  Do you use aprons?  Do you have a favorite one? Are they too old-fashioned for you? 


  1. Im an occasional apron wearer. I have a whole stash too. I love my butchers apron best though.

  2. Finally another woman who appriciates the value of wearing an apron. Like you, my apron goes on before breakfast and is taken off before bed. Waist aprons are called waist aprons because they are a "waste" of time. I need something that will cover all of my dress. One of my favs.
    Another is a prairie apron. http://www.plainlydressed.com/images/apronprairieladies1.jpg

    Both my daughters wear similar aprons.


  3. I know this is an ancient post but yes I do wear an apron and love them. I love wearing them and the feel of connection with all the ladies I knew and loved in my family who always wore one. I love to go on old pattern sights and recreate some of them. How creative women use to be !! Even their regular clothes had many more details than ours do now with tucks and scalloped edgings and inset lace and appliqués and tons of other little touches that make your clothes unique and oh so feminine! :) I just found your site and love it so. thanks for writing for so long!! I will be back! Sarah