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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Freezing Apples

We love apple pie, but I don't love canned apple pie filling.  I prefer my apples tart and firm when I make apple pie.  Several years ago, I purchased some frozen apples which were overpriced, but fantastic.  It was so nice having them in my freezer and they cooked up just perfectly.  I decided that I could freeze my own, and I have done so, successfully.

Right now, apples are on sale.  My aunt brought me some local apples and I purchased some Granny Smith's which are my preferred apple of choice for pie. I just mixed these all up.

I spent a happy hour peeling and chopping apples to freeze.  My Dutch Apple Pie recipe takes about 8 cups of chopped apples, so I froze the apples in batches of 8 cups.  I sprinkled the cut apples with lemon juice and sealed them in my food saver.  Some started to turn brown by the time I was finished, but it won't matter once they're all cooked up.

When I make pie, I just take out the bag of apples and let it thaw for about half an hour and then prepare the pie as usual.

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  1. My mom and I did this a few years ago! She has a granny smith apple tree and a golden delicious apple tree. I think we peeled and cut 7 or 8 grocery bags of apples to freeze!

  2. I too freeze apples with my food saver, in 8 c. increments. I bake for our local restaurant in my small hometown. It sure makes assembly easier. Granny Smiths are my apple of choice, also.

  3. Love granny smiths for Pie too! I will think about freezing some I pick from the farms with October!