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Friday, September 19, 2014

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2 and Juicing

So The Doctor and I saw Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2 in the theater last night.  It was a one time release for the new film. We first watched Fat Sick & Nearly Dead several years ago. It was on Netflix and The Doctor had heard about it from a patient. We watched it, loved it and bought our own copy along with a juicer.

The Doctor did a 60 day juice fast two years ago and lost a significant amount of weight. But, like most weight loss programs, it's hard to go back to real life without a plan. The weight slowly crept back on. For both of us.

A couple of weeks ago, we got back on the health wagon and pulled the juicer out. No 60 day fasts, just a juice in the mornings for me and a couple throughout the work day for The Doctor. It's amazing the difference it makes to get straight, healthy nutrients into your body. Cravings go away too, which is awesome.

If you haven't seen Fat Sick & Nearly Dead, it's a fantastic documentary about an Australian man named Joe Cross who goes on a quest for health. He's overweight and on meds for an autoimmune disease and decides to eat nothing but juice for 60 days. For the course of those 60 days, he travels around America talking to people about health. He also loses over 60 lbs.

6 years later, Joe has made a second film, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2, where he chronicles the past 6 years since his original fast.  He revisits some people he met during the first film and he talks more about health and how to eat and live a healthy lifestyle in an unhealthy world. Juicing is a big part of that lifestyle, but so is moderation and making good food choices along with exercise.

The film was fantastic. I can't wait to get my own copy. It was honest, real and inspiring. I loved that we saw what happened to people Joe met in the first film. I really appreciated the fact that moderation was discussed and the idea that food isn't bad for you, some food is just healthier than others and it's all about choices and moderation. I can live with that.

The Doctor prefers green juice. I prefer mine to have a bit more fruit in it, although I am slowly replacing fruit with more greens.  I make our juices before bed and they chill in the fridge overnight. The Doctor takes his to work with him. I drink mine in the morning.

The Doctor's Green Juice

Kale (several leaves)
Broccoli (small bunch)
Carrots (about 4)
2 apples (1 granny smith/1 fuji)
Parsnip (about a 4 inch piece)

Holly's Juice

2 apples (1 granny smith/1 fuji)
1 orange
1 carrot
Strawberries (a handful)
Kale (several leaves)
Spinach (a couple of handfuls)

You can learn more about juicing and Joe Cross at Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. You can watch the film on Netflix. It's fantastic. Truly inspiring.  I can't wait until the new film is available on DVD.


  1. We love that documentary! I didn't know they came out with another, it's definitely something we will want to see.

    I have to admit we juiced for a really long time, but I've fell off the bandwagon a bit. I got bored. I will have to try your recipes!

    1. We seriously fell off the wagon, but it was good to get back at it. I'm boring when it comes to juice recipes, so I've decided to branch out and try new ones. I'll share them on the blog when I do.

      This film is better than the first one. It comes out in November.

      Thanks for stopping by!