Blogging: The Why and What

I was going back through some posts and found this old meme from 2007. It was fun to revisit.

How long have you been blogging? 

Since August of 2007 on my personal blog, October of 2007 at my book blog and January of 2008 here. Weird to realize it's been 7 years.

What inspired you to start your blog, and who are your mentors? 

I had a couple of friends who had blogs and I enjoyed reading them. I love to write and I'd missed having opportunities to write. So, one day, I just created my personal blog. Our extended family is worldwide so it was also a way to share our daily lives and pictures with them. The book blog grew out of my desire to remember what books I read and what I'd thought about them. The cooking blog grew out of my desire to have some fun. 

Are you trying to make money online, or are you doing it just for fun? 

In the beginning, it was only for fun. This last year, I've made more of a concentrated effort to learn about the earning potential and experiment. Jury's still out on whether it's worth it or not.

What 3 things do you love about being online? 

Meeting people and making friends. I love getting to know other people and sharing and learning from struggles and experiences. I've made some wonderful friends. I've found a lot of new books to read and some great new recipes to try!

What 3 things do you struggle with online? 

Spending too much time online is the main one. Especially with wanting to make some money at it. It takes concentrated effort. What to share and not to share, and privacy issues. I made my personal blog private after a while because I didn't like the idea of strangers downloading my personal photos and I watermark anything that has my kids in it for this blog. I think there is a fine line between putting yourself out there as a blogger and still maintaining some privacy.

Knowing what to say and making it come across well is also a challenge. Not feeling like a stalker when you realize you enjoy someone's blog and comment a lot, but they don't seem to reciprocate or want to visit yours.


I don't tag people, but if you want to play along or answer the questions in your comment, please do!


  1. I always enjoy seeing people's responses to these type of posts. 7 years is amazing! Holy cow. How life can change in that amount of time. I'm about to celebrate the 3rd year on my blog.

    I have the too much time online issue too. One of my hard areas is comparing myself to others. I'm usually okay but every once in a while doubt and insecurity of the bloggish variety will sneak in and give me a few argy days. I get you on the visits not shared. Some bloggers I enjoy their blog but always have that "outsider" kind of vibe. Like you were too late to join their inner circle and theyre good just visiting and chatting with the ones they already know. But thankfully most bloggers are awesome and a lot of fun to e-hang out with :) That's my favorite bit. I just like seeing what others are up to reading/life wise. :)

    1. I know what you mean about the blogs where you arrived late. I love it when you can reply to emails privately and have great discussions or interactions. That's how I've met some great people through blogging.

    2. Same here! Some of my favorite people are from visiting at blogs, following on social media and getting to know each other. It's always sad to me when one just doesn't want to be even a little friendly.

  2. lol I love your comment about stalking. Sometimes I wonder if people think that of me especially when I'm searching for something I thought I read on their blog or my internet is acting up. It appears a lot of blogs I read have been around about the same amount of time as mine has been. Congrats on the 8 years. I love reading how people are doing making money by blogging. It seems to be either a really hard way to go or they luck into it.

    1. Well, the money thing is an experiment and so far the jury is still out on whether the ads and time involved is worth it!


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