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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Weekend Reflections 12/20

Looking outside....it's rainy and gray.

Listening...it's quiet. The Doctor is at work, The Brother is on the computer and The Boy has gone to the hospital to turn in the 24 hour heart monitor he finished wearing.

Loving...my boys. They aren't perfect, but they are amazing. They're patient with their little cousins most of the time, they love their Mom and they show it. I am blessed. 

Thinking...that it's been an incredibly challenging week.  I am emotionally and physically spent. 

In my kitchen...a cup of hot chocolate right now and I have no idea about dinner tonight. That takes too much effort to think about right now.

Wearing...red penguin pajamas and a black turtleneck.

Needing...to clean out my pantry. I thought I smelled a rotten potato last night, but when I went looking, I found a flattened, dead mouse. I have no idea how or when he arrived and I have seen no signs anywhere else in the house. 
Not the greatest end to a difficult and challenging week.

Reading...No idea. I haven't picked up a book for three weeks.

some much needed family time.

Hoping...for for a quiet weekend where we can all recoup and be ready to enjoy Christmas next week.

Planning...I still need to get gifts wrapped and pick up some stocking stuffers. 

Gratitude...for medical professionals. For a nurse 16 years ago, who noticed my newborn son's color wasn't good and suspected a heart problem; an observation that ultimately saved his life. For pediatric cardiologists who look after his health and who care and support and encourage. For a doctor husband, who can understand a situation and reassure me. For that strong, handsome son who is such a joy to me.

From my world... 

What about you? What are you reflecting on this week? How has your week gone?

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