Weekend Reflections 12/6

Looking outside....it's cold and foggy. I blame the Dementors.

Listening...it's fairly quiet. The Boy is on his computer and The Artist is getting some breakfast.

Loving...a cozy morning at home.

Thinking...that I'm not sure the new bifocals will work out.

In my kitchen...a cup of hot chocolate right now and pizza for the boys for dinner because The Doctor and I will be out tonight.

Wearing...blue sweats and a gray turtleneck with striped fuzzy socks.

Needing...to get some Christmas shopping done. Fortunately most of it can be done online. I love that!

Reading...No idea. I need to start a new one. It's been a slow couple of weeks for reading.

Today...we cleaned the church building this morning at 8:00. We have that opportunity a couple of times a year. It's a blessing to serve.

Hoping...to go shopping so the boys can find their ornaments for this year.

Planning... The Doctor and I are going to the BSU/Fresno State football game. Go Broncos!

Gratitude...for teenage boys who willingly got up early on a Saturday morning to spend time cleaning their church building with no complaints. Service learned early stays with you.

From my world... 

Because everyone wants to worship the Baby Jesus. Even a crocodile, baby Groot, Hobbes, a dalek, a purple minion and a dinosaur.  (All clay creations by The Brother.)

What about you?  What are you reflecting on today?