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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Daytime Dates

I love daytime dates. Friday night dates are fun too, but sometimes a lunch date is just a bit more
relaxing and brunch is often just downright decadent. My husband has one day, mid week, where he is not in his office. It's a day we look forward to.

Sometimes we go to brunch. Sometimes we just run errands together.

I'm sure none of you has ever skipped school or work ;) but going to breakfast or lunch together sometimes feels like playing hooky. There are no children to worry about because they're in school. No babysitter to pay. The restaurant isn't as crowded. You're not obligated to return to work after one hour. It's just the two of you enjoying a meal. Good food and even better company.

What about you? Daytime or evening dates?  Do you have a preference?

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1 comment:

  1. We homeschool and work from home so daytime dates can be just as tricky as nighttime except for the day's grandma is off work and will keep all -four of them!