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Friday, January 29, 2016

Пятница Ponderings: A Doctor Who Apron!

Ponder: to consider something deeply and thoroughly; meditate
Пятница (PYAHT-nee-tsuh): Friday in Russian

I have talked about my love of aprons before.

I am an apron girl. I put on an apron almost as soon as I am dressed. I wear it all day long and I often forget to take it off.  My boys often remind me to take off my apron before we get in the car to go someplace. I love a full-size apron with a pocket.

While I have collected aprons from different places, my mom has made many aprons for me. I have one for every holiday. Those are still in good shape because they are usually only worn during the holiday month.

I have a BSU apron and a daisy apron. The daisy apron is getting thin, because I wear it a lot. I have an apron of grapes that is one of my favorites, but it is getting worn and has been patched.

My mom loves me and knew some of my aprons were getting a bit worn out. She found this awesome Doctor Who fabric at the store and made an apron for me and one for my sister. I love it. It's brilliant and it's my new favorite.

I think aprons resonate with each of us. Even if you don't wear one, I think many of us remember a mom or a grandma who did. One of the most popular posts on this blog is, The Old Apron. For me? I remember my grandma wearing an apron. My mom did and had extras for my sisters and me to wear. It has carried over and I still wear aprons today. And now, I have a Doctor Who apron to add to my collection!

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  1. I am a young mum and I always wear apron while cooking. Soomehow it belongs in the kitchen. I love old fashion aprons and have a few.