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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Penne Pasta Casserole

Printable Recipe

Cook one package of mini penne pasta as directed. Drain.
Add one jar of your favorite pasta sauce or about two cups-ish of Pasta Sauce.
I add extra dried basil and a minced garlic clove.
Mix it all together with some grated mozzarella (or Italian blend) cheese: about one cup or to your tastes.

Put it in a round casserole dish and bake for about 25 minutes.
Serve with salad and garlic bread (or the Herbed Bread Rolls).

Holly's Note:
This is one of our favorite, quick and easy meals. If you like a good, meaty pasta sauce, then use this delicious pasta sauce recipe that includes both ground beef and ground sausage.


  1. Wow!! That looks YUMMY!

    Thanks for stopping by and getting in on the giveaway! Good Luck!

  2. I made this for dinner last night. It was a huge kid friendly meal, not to mentions super fast and easy to make. I think all of my kids had at least seconds on this dish. We are a meat family and so I did add a pound of sausage which is different from the orignial recipe.