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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Ketogenic Diet

My husband has been following a Ketogenic diet since May. He has lost 95 lbs and is on track to lose 100 lbs by New Years. In an effort to help him, we have been experimenting with Keto recipes and ways of cooking and I will be sharing some of those recipes and ideas here on the cooking blog.

Keto is, in a nutshell, simply avoiding a high carbohydrate (sugar) intake and provides the body with energy from fats and protein. It encourages the body to burn stored fat to make up for not eating as many calories.

May 1 to Dec 5, 2016
Progress Pics
To find out our more or follow The Doctor's journey check out Shrinking Dr. B. There, he shares his journey with Keto and weight loss and you can find helpful videos, progress pictures and inspiration there.

More to come. Stay tuned...


  1. Congrats to the Dr! And how awesome that the whole family is behind him on it. That's great :D I have a blogger friend who is doing this with her new husband and they've seen great results as well. From what she's posted about it it doesn't look so vegetarian friendly (darn! lol)

    1. Thank you. Yeah, it's not very vegetarian friendly as far as I can tell either. It's very meat heavy. I'm having a hard time finding ketogenic soups as well.