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Thursday, December 10, 2009

We Go Together...

Do you have certain recipes that must go together? Meaning you cannot make one without the other?

For example: we cannot have Baked Beans without cornbread. Granted, I use a Jiffy cornbread mix, but we must have cornbread with beans.

Last night it was about 10 degrees outside and definitely a soup night. So, I made Chicken with Wild Rice Soup, and you can't serve that soup without Honey Oat Rolls (or some kind of wheat roll). It's sacrilege. It doesn't work.

Teriyaki Chicken must be served with Sauteed Pepper and Mushrooms.

Beef Enchiladas must be served with Spanish Rice. Must, I tell you.

What about you? What are the recipes at your house that must go together?


  1. Interestingly enough, you are completing the proteins by combining those foods. Grains need beans, dairy needs a grain or bean, etc. You have some great combinations.

  2. oh wow a cute blog, I have a 14 month old, life is busy as a mum love the soup and enchiladas yummy Rebecca

  3. Love this idea!!! Thanks so much! I often find entree recipes but I never know what to hav eon the side.. Totally saving your blog!


  4. The soup looks great-let's be realistic-do any of us need another cookbook-NO-but they are fun to have. And there are more on my wish list.

  5. I always put potato chips with my baked beans. Probably not the healthiest thing ever but yummy!

    Chicken enchiladas are always served with green beans. Teriyaki chicken and rice. Always serve lasagna with a salad. Sloppy joes must have baked beans (and potato chips), steak must have potatoes.

  6. Looks wonderful... Just stopping by to say Merry Christmas.

  7. I often find entree recipes but I never know what to hav eon the side.. Totally saving your blog!

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