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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Canning Season

So far this month I have canned salsa, tomatoes and blackberry jam.

I plan to do more tomatoes, when I pick them at my aunt's house this week.

I really want to do raspberry jam as it's my husband's favorite, but I have no friends or neighbors with raspberries.  I plan to plant some next year. However, there were vendors with raspberries at the farmer's market this week, and hopefully they will be back with more next week.

Local farmers sell corn at roadside stands here and I froze 96 ears of corn last year.  It still tastes as fresh as the day I preserved it. So yummy. I still have some, but not enough to get us through this winter.  So, I will pick up more.

I also plan to do onions.  There are some onion fields nearby where the farmers allow people to come in and glean after the harvest.  I haven't purchased an onion in a couple of years.  I chop and freeze most of it, but also keep some whole and in a cool place.  They last all winter.

I also plan on freezing peppers again this year.  I might try roasting some red ones first and then freezing.  We'll see what happens.

What about you?  Do you can/preserve food?  What have you canned this summer?